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BACKORDER Fishmaster Antenna Mounting Plate

Original price €59,99 - Original price €59,99
Original price €59,99
€59,99 - €59,99
Current price €59,99

Folding antenna bracket for your T-Top. Compatible with most folding antenna mounts!

Comes with universal insert package. 
The universal inserts are designed to bridge the gap with smaller diameter pipe so that you can use all the Fishmaster 1.9 inch (48.26 mm) accessories on smaller tubing. Each pack comes with a set of 1.66 inch (42.16 mm) inserts and 1.315 inch (33.4 mm) inserts.

Product Specifications:

  • Swivels to be used on front, rear, or sides of the t-top. Works well with ratchet mount antennas brackets for GPS or FM/VHS existing antenna.
  • Made from marine grade polished and anodized aluminum with stainless hardware to attach the antenna bracket to the plate.
  • Holes are pre-drilled for the mounting location. Its footprint is 3" by 1-1/2" on center and compatible with most folding antenna mount brackets.
  • Use anti-seize when assembling threaded nuts in the marine environment.
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